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Prompt: Write about an epiphany that you have had; something that changed your outlook of the world. One that changed it in a way that you wish you had never had this epiphany. In other words, write about an epiphany that you regret. Recommended time: 3-5 minutes. Feel free to comment your writing below; I'll post mine as well. Let's keep writing!
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There was a moment, but I can't remember when it was. There was a moment when I looked at my mother, older, wiser than me, and I realized that adults aren't that much different. It must have been around the time that I was almost not a teenager, and I realized that maybe, being an adult isn't anything more than a name, and a few more years of life.
@moya23 Beautiful writing, as always Moya! Thanks for sharing.
Uhmm I think we were asked to write down an ephipany that make us regret. I think I've made mistake :) however, many of it make me regret at the beginning but grateful at he end. We learn many things from it.
Yep, soon the present will be the past. I love it! Nobody can go back and make a brand new start. Start today and make a brand new ending. I thougt so, I didn't like the fact that I grew older. A big secret of my life was revealed not long before my mother passed away last September. I was like waking up from a dream,a nightmare. I felt like it just wasn't fair after all I got. I wanted to stop growing and to stop the time. But, time passes and I realize why God brings me here. Why God brings me into my family. Nothing,but know His grace and His love. It was hurt at the beginning but will bring an everlasting joy at the end.
@edenfaith Growing up doesn't change must, but don't worry about missing the past. Soon, the present will be past and you'll miss that too, so why not enjoy it in the present, and look forward to the future?
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