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Oldies Movie DVDs — Much More Fun Than You Think

Oldies movies are often referred to as ‘classics’ for a reason. They have a significant impact on today’s film industry, influencing almost every single element of filmmaking. The greatest directors of the past—such as Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese, and Buster Keaton—continue to inspire filmmakers from all over the world.
The younger generation often views oldies movie DVDs as relics that are too outdated for the current times, too uninteresting, and made with obsolete technology. But a growing number of millennials are also collecting old DVDs. Why? Because these classic films are much more fun than you might think. Try picking up a few oldies movie DVDs and see for yourself!
What makes classic films so special, even up until now?
1. They continue to influence modern cinema.
There’s a very big change that a most recent favorite film that you watched was inspired by old movies. For example, blockbuster horror films tend to draw inspiration from classic slashers like psycho or psychological masterpieces like The Shining.
It’s not just about the plotline, either. Modern filmmakers use various elements such as cinematography, editing, and themes that wouldn’t be around today if it weren’t for the classics. Like any other historical pieces of art, oldies movie DVDs are a great source of creativity.
2. They can teach you about culture and history.
Have you ever wondered how things were like back in the day? Classic films are an excellent representation of history and culture that has since changed. You’ll get to experience places like never before. Take a look at the movie American Guerilla in the Philippines, for example. It will show you a very interesting slice of history as it tells the story of American soldiers stranded in the Philippines post-Japanese invasion.
Even the way people interacted in the past is slightly different. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from Casanova, the charmer who ends up getting a taste of his own medicine. Old movies are time capsules to cherish for the next generations.
3. They are enjoyable.
There’s no doubt that today’s films are technically better and well-produced than old movies. Modern technology has come a long way since 8mm film and Technicolor. Despite this, oldies movie DVDs are still very enjoyable in their way. You’ll find no lack of stories to be told, secrets to discover, and plot twists to leave you surprised at the end credits.
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