Learn About the Symptoms and Causes of Neuroendocrine Tumour

Neuroendocrine Tumours are termed to be as a form of cancer that starts to develop within the neuroendocrine cells. It is a rare condition, and there are best hospitals for treating Neuroendocrine Tumour in Singapore. The doctors in these hospitals help the patient in getting proper treatment for this condition.

These tumours are very uncommon and have no particular place to grow within the body. It can expand anywhere inside the human body. For most of the cases, the tumours occur in the appendix, rectum, intestine and pancreas. In this article, you will know about some of the symptoms and causes of Neuroendocrine Tumour.

Symptoms of Neuroendocrine Tumour
There are many different types of Neuroendocrine Tumours out of which some grow really slow, while some are very fast in expanding within the body. Quite a few of them are meant for releasing excessive hormones while some does not release any hormone as a result of which the person does not experience any symptoms.

Before knowing the indicators, you must know some of the types of cancers that the Neuroendocrine Tumour can lead to. The types of cancers include:

> Pheochromocytoma
> Paraganglioma
> Adrenal Cancer
> Merkel Cell Carcinoma, etc.

Now, coming to the symptoms, for most of the cases, Neuroendocrine Tumours does not show any indications or signs of adverse effects. The experience of symptoms might depend upon the area within the body where the Neuroendocrine Tumour has occurred.

But still, after observing many cases, the medical experts of Cancer Clinic Singapore, have stated some of the signs that include:

> Excessive pain in the growth area of the tumour.
> Growth of a lump within the skin.
> Feeling exhausted or tired all the time.
> Loss of excess weight without any intentional workouts.
> Skin rashes
> Dizziness
> Feeling more thirsty than usual
> Frequent urination problems

Causes of Neuroendocrine Tumour insidethe Body
As per the doctors offering treatment for Neuroendocrine Tumour in Singapore, there is no definite cause of this tumour. It is triggered due to the mutation of genes within the DNA of the human being. The DNA instructs the cell to react accordingly as a result of which the neuroendocrine cells start to multiply within the body.

The medical professionals at Cancer Clinic Singapore believe that early detection of this cancer is curable, and one needs to focus on even the slightest of changes within the body to experience the symptoms. Some of the Neuroendocrine Tumours spread real fast, and they need to be treated as soon as possible withthe utmost care.

If they are left untreated, then they will eventually spread to other parts of the body, making it impossible to treat further. Therefore, in case you feel the physical changes and symptoms, report to the hospital immediately for a thorough diagnosis.

These are the symptoms and causes of Neuroendocrine Tumours, which is a form of cancer and has adequate treatment if the patient recognises the symptoms at the earliest. Reach out to the hospitals in Singapore to know more about the Neuroendocrine Tumours and the type of treatment procedures available for the same.