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One of my fav Thai artists, I love him and this song, (*_*) ... @mrjockX, I know you like this one, lolz my fav verse: Pror wah ruk teung kit ja gaut pror wah ruk teung kit ja joob
Not to be ignorant..but what language is this?
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@pipeline lolz, nah you're fine its my bad for some reason I thought I mention that its Thai, I'll correct it now.
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@cheerfulcallie cool, this is a great track. I've never really listened to Thai music, keep sharing :)
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@pipeline sorry i didnt see your cmmt until i posted mines, lolz ....ill translate those lines above, it says i hug you b/c i love you, i kiss you b/c i love you...ill do the rest of the song later b/c i know @mrjockX wants to know the lyrics...
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haha! mmhm and i still have to sing a bit of it dont i @cheerfullcallie lol
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