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Its 8:30am and I am taking my first real pilates class in a year. I'm going to feel this one. I do pilates at home but there is something about being in a class that makes me work harder. Do you guys prefer classes or working out at home? Wish me luck!
Good luck! Classes are harder because it is so much easier to quit or not finish the last rep when you're at home alone. Are you using weights in the class?
@Nisfit Yeah I couldn't wimp out as much as I usually do, or start counting really fast when I'm trying to time my planks hahaha We mostly used a pilates ball, I think I might make a collection for made the workout so much more fun!
@onesmile that doesnt sound too bad! I'm awful about doing a proper warmup so I would do well with an instructor to lead it, I think!
@cheerfulcallie Zumba is intense! I used to work at a gym and people would show up an hour before clasd to make sure they had a spot. @onesmile these classes are an hour. usually 10 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down :)
I prefer to take classes. It's more intense but it's also easier because you have an instructor pushing you to do more.
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