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Its 8:30am and I am taking my first real pilates class in a year. I'm going to feel this one. I do pilates at home but there is something about being in a class that makes me work harder. Do you guys prefer classes or working out at home? Wish me luck!
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ive only ever done pilates at home so I bet a class would kill me! how long do they ususally run? maybe I should try it out!
@nokcha that comment was for you! forgot to tag~
I prefer to take classes. It's more intense but it's also easier because you have an instructor pushing you to do more.
@cheerfulcallie Zumba is intense! I used to work at a gym and people would show up an hour before clasd to make sure they had a spot. @onesmile these classes are an hour. usually 10 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down :)
@onesmile that doesnt sound too bad! I'm awful about doing a proper warmup so I would do well with an instructor to lead it, I think!