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It has been announced that girl group SISTAR will be holding their very first solo concert! On July 9th, Starship Entertainment stated to Star News, “This coming September, SISTAR will be holding their first concert at Seoul’s Olympic Hall and meeting with their fans.” They added, ”The members will be showing off their diverse charms [through their concert] performances.” After having debuted around 3 years ago, SISTAR has risen to the point of standing among the top stars. Along with songs such as “Push Push”, “Shady Girl”, “So Cool”, and “Ma Boy”, SISTAR established themselves with their ultimate hit, “Alone”. With this hit song, they transformed their musical style with a more retro feel. The fact that they can still maintain a high position on the charts with their summer special album’s title song “Loving U” while facing other popular girl groups such as T-ara and 2NE1 is also quite impressive. As a group who is drawing in popular interest both domestically and overseas via the Hallyu Wave, SISTAR is now prepared to fully expose their capabilities and personalities through their first concert. Source: Star News
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