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"Cereals have really evolved since the early days of Lucky Charms and Cap’n Crunch. In fact, today’s run-of-the-mill whole-grain cereal with milk may even be as good as a sports drink for recovery after exercise. Whole-grain cereals are now loaded with protein, carbs and other important vitamins and minerals, while milk is an easily digestible and complete source of both casein and whey protein."
@galinda I know what you mean. It might have whole grains but Lucky Charms and Trix, etc are definitely PACKED with sugar.
@Nisfit I either put cereal or wheat germ in my yogurt nowadays. It makes it so much more filling!
Even though the boxes say they are made with whole grains, I'm going to steer clear of all the funny colored cereals haha
I have started adding cereal to my morning yogurt to make it more like a parfait! It's enough carbs to keep me full until mid afternoon.