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Mickey, Minnie & Som

Meet my pets Mickey (bottom right, american shorthair), Minnie (bottom left, either british longhair or himalayan.. anyone wanna help me figure out?) and Som (top, maltese). At first I thought they wouldn't get along, but they actually keep each other company!
@mcgraffy at first my dog kept barking at them, so we had to put the cats in a separate room lol it took them about a few days to get along
ooo they are so cute :)
@jameshong92 i think minnie is a british long hair because doesn't Himalayan have that kind of grumpy face? and usually the face area is a bit darker than other parts! haha did you get both Micky and Minnie at the same time? I have 3 cats back at home but the last one came like a year later than other so it took them a while to become friend! ahahh the youngest and one of my other cat always fight but after a couple of months they became best friends! hahaha
@jameshong92 Mickey and Minnie are really adorable. I really love this picture, Som's expression is so funny he/she? looks so jealous.
@jameshong92 well its good you were Ble to get them adjusted. we tried to keep a cat for a few weeks but my dogs never let the poor thing alone so we found a new home for it
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