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Series: Plane Slate Photographer: Hunter (me!) Camera: Nikon D50 Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.4 (1950) Exposure: :45 seconds with 2 external lights and colored gels
@onesmile @hunahuna Yeah! Space blankets sounds like a perfect idea for these kinds of shots. You can probably photograph a much bigger area because how big space blankets are typically. Nice thinking
@dillonk @onesmile I'm glad you like it! I was really excited about these shots when I began the series. I have a few more similar to this with a variying color paterns and texture. I used tin foil and space blankets. For this shot in particular I had two nicely toned down gels that give it that nice soft color.
@onesmile @dillonk I have my photography teach to thank for telling me about space blankets. They ended up working really well!
@hunahuna ah! space blankets! I wouldn't have guessed that was one of the materials involved.
I really like the color choices. this specidic blue and pink suit the material (foil?) well
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