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Plane Slate: Artist Statement

Here is the artist statement for my series, Plane Slate. Although this may be a little hard to understand at first, it will better inform your understanding of the work I do. Enjoy!
@dillonk @onesmile Thank you for the kind words. It took me months and months before I could actually put pen to paper and write about the work. Although I knew what I was shooting it was really hard to verbalize what I was going for.
@onesmile Well as like many artists I want to leave connections and meanings you can take from the work open to your own interpretations, I just aim to make a topic for discussion in order for you to ask questions! Personally, I think I may have been intrinsically motivated by the world our generation lives in today, driving toward e-commerce and social media communication, similar to a slate of compressed information in a small place that is almost lifeless. But there is optimism in the work. From my perspective this new level of existence (plane) in the internet could be beneficial for us. But that's just my opinion, and I love getting new perspectives!
@hunahuna Wow! You have spoken about your work very intelligently. This is a very relevant topic for our time, but I'm afraid most people wouldn't make the connection without the use of your artist statement. I probably would have written the artist statement a little differently, but that's the nature of being an artists, no one is the same! Well done and thank you for sharing this
@hunahuna Well, I'm glad you leave room for personal judgement of a work, but I appreciate understanding how it started. the new space created by our social media planes....really interesting though
This sounds really intriguing. looking forward to seeing the pieces! what made you interested in revisualizing planes?
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