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Series: Plane Slate Photographer: Hunter (me!) Camera: Nikon D50 Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.4 (1950) What is it?: Long exposure of tin foil with many different colored gels and white light exposed onto it.
Those little touches of color within the tinfoil are really amazing. How many different colored lights did you use? @hunahuna
@dillonk I used 5 different colored gels. Gels are like what you on the stage lights in plays and theaters, it's just a colored piece of plastic meant to go in front of the light. I also used to strobes.
I'm loving this piece best of all so far, I think. this collection is great! might I recommend you move the table of contents around so that your artist statement always shows up first? I went back to reread it and thought doing so might help those looking to learn more about your collection.