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Series: Plane Slate Photographer: Hunter (me!) Camera: Nikon D50 Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.4 (1950) Location: Tchoupitoulas
@gabyrich You can check out my artist statement I published in this collection. @peteryang292 Tchoupitoulas is major street in New Orleans. This happens to be an abandoned bus station walkway that is located on the street. @dillonk @fallingwater Although I didn't initially intend to make it off center, I chose not to make it perfect and leave it like this. It kind of adds to the "not quite right" or "out of this world" feeling for me. It breaks the connection between real life, at least for me.
@fallingwater No, I totally see how it's not quite perfect. It almost makes the image jarring, like it's hard to look at. That blue color is just so lovely though. @hunahuna Do you mind elaborating a little bit on this photograph?
@hunahuna im glad you chose to leave it, its much more interesting because, as you said, it makes it feel a bit off this plane (hehe)
@dillonk yeah my eyes keep darting back and forth trying to make sense of how each side is slightly off centeted
the way this is split down the middle makes each half of the bridge pop out in a different direction if you let your eyes I imagining things or did you intend that?
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