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Touch of purple? (What the...)

Hi @hikaymm I was bored so a photoshopped your photography from http://www.vingle.net/posts/340650 ....I hope you don't mine :) Check out this tutorial so you can do it yourself! http://www.vingle.net/posts/315390
@dillonk Haha, nicely done! I tend to not use the color replacement tool because it is not always the most accurate and it destroys that original copy if you haven't duplicated the image layer. I usually create a selection using the Magnetic Selection tool and trace the subject, going back with the lasso tool to make sure the selection is perfect. Then I add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer (in layer dialog box). I select the colorize box under the brightness slider and then adjust the color with the hue slider. @hikaymm Don't listen to me if I made things sound too confusing, lol :)
@hunahuna That is pretty similar to my personal workflow, but this are lesson directed at beginner photographers. One tool is much easier to figure out that 10 steps and multiple tools, but thank you for that right up anyway :). @imliz That means I'm doing it right! Well edited photographs should be nearly impossible to detect without special software. @hikaymm I even fooled the photographer herself! Now I've impressed myself, hahahaha
@dillonk It looks really realistic. I would have never guess that you photoshopped it!! I thought @hikaymm posted another photo into her 'Grandma's Garden' collection!
I don't mind at all! That's really amazing--I bet if I showed this to my grandma she wouldn't even realize it right away because your color manipulation looks so realistic. Thanks for the tutorial link--I'll try out something simple like changing the color of a piece of paper first I think! How long did this take you, by the way? So I can compare my skills...
i love it thats quite amazing!!
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