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Color Profiles and Printing Explained: What’s the Difference Between CMYK and RGB?

Although this isn't necessary in Photoshop, it is important information for knowing what type of color profiles you should use in Photoshop in order to make your pictures look perfect printed and on the web.
@timeturnerjones I also must add that I am much more sensitive to the smallest changes that most people wouldn't notice or care about. I'm pretty obsessive about that stuff.
Always always always CMYK for printing purposes, however some colors don't transfer well from RGB to CMYK. Also, regarding the paper, almost every paper has what's called an ICC profile. An ICC profile is used to make sure the ink on paper matches the color on the computer perfectly. This is a pretty advanced technique for printing though, so if you are happy with what you get by printing normally I would stick with that. If you want a tutorial on ICC profiles and color printing in general I would be happy to make one :) @timeturnerjones
@dillonk hahahhaa well I guess, as they say, obsession can make an expert, right? It's good to learn all the details then!
@dillonk Cool, thanks for the detailed answer. I didn't know there was that kind of profile for every type of paper so that printing would work out well, but that assures me that I can get it printed how I'd like.
So, practical question, if I wanted to print my own thank you cards that I can use next time I need them, which would be best? I'd want to use a manilla colored paper
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