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Too funny, hahaha!!!
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@ameliasantos10 My sister's cat will come when called, but that is only when it's hungry! Just another self-interested cat! Lol
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@dillonk that's soo funny, hahaha!!!!
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@dillonk @ameliasantos10 I guess I learn something new everyday?! I don't have or know anyone with a cat but hearing both of you talking abt their characteristics is quite amusing, lolz
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@dillonk hahahhaha the easiest time to get your cat to do anything is well.. lure it with food ahhahahahaha @cheerfulcallie cats have that cute big eyes and well obedient looking face but oh..they are probably the opposite of that! hahaha it's like we said never heard of for a cat to listen to any command!~ they come over when you are on the computer and basically just lie on the keyboard and dont get up! haha that was probably my biggest obstacle to graduating college!
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@cheerfulcallie You can see why a lot of people aren't cat-people! lol @ameliasantos10 I couldn't agree more!
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