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Too funny, hahaha!!!
@ameliasantos10 My sister's cat will come when called, but that is only when it's hungry! Just another self-interested cat! Lol
@dillonk hahahhaha the easiest time to get your cat to do anything is well.. lure it with food ahhahahahaha @cheerfulcallie cats have that cute big eyes and well obedient looking face but oh..they are probably the opposite of that! hahaha it's like we said never heard of for a cat to listen to any command!~ they come over when you are on the computer and basically just lie on the keyboard and dont get up! haha that was probably my biggest obstacle to graduating college!
@dillonk @ameliasantos10 I guess I learn something new everyday?! I don't have or know anyone with a cat but hearing both of you talking abt their characteristics is quite amusing, lolz
@dillonk that's soo funny, hahaha!!!!
@dillonk yes like i said hahaha cats are kings and queens.. they are always demanding for something and well the closest thing you get to training is probably getting them to turn and look at you when you call their name! i think my cat turned once! and wow one of the proudest moment in my life ahahha
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