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This woman wants to change how we look at our bodies
Taryn Brumfitt felt insecure about her body, so she decided to do something about it. She entered a body building competition, and lost a lot of weight. However, she realized she still felt insecure, and after gaining weight back she posted a before and after photo saying that she liked her heavier self. Her photo gained 3.6 million likes. When some people berated her for promoting obesity she decided she needed to do more to spread her message that we should accept ourselves the way that we are, and now she's crowdfunding a documentary. Check out Taryn's Kickstarter video below: http://aplus.com/a/this-woman-wants-to-change-how-we-look-at-our-bodies
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There’s no wonder why her photo gained 3.6M likes,,, you can tell who the real her is in the photo look at how genuine her smile is in the photo on the right and @sjeanyoon i agree with you! especially in the world these days everybody is so self conscious about the sizes they wear! I hope that the documentary she’s crowd funding will become a big hit and spread the word!
I don't think her message is about promoting obesity, its just about loving yourself in any shape. before she seemed to strive for thin, not she strives foe happy. you can still be fit and not thin
@happyrock i agree with your point about how you can be fit and not thin! actually some really really skinny girls are not even healthy because they try too hard to stay skinny!
@lillyann exactly. eating nothing or working out extremely might keep you skinny but it doesn't keep you fit, or healthy
She looks radiant in the photo on the right, doesn't she @lillyann8 . This is such an empowering video and it's about time a documentary like this was made. I really hope she succeeds!