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New Oreo Flavors? Good thing I went to the gym today :)
How strange that right after I saw @mrjockX post about Lemon oreos I find two flavors I've never seen before?! I didn't buy either of these but if any of you see them around and feel like getting a pack, let me know how they taste!!
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ohmygod ... i wish i was back in the states right now .. looking at all these oreo flavours are just torture!~ and yes hopefully someone who have tried it could let us know how it taste like~
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lol now that ive not seen. they look lkke they might taste good
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I've never seen lemon or banana split oreos...My market is holding out !
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@mrjockx don't you just wish you had these in your hands right now? ahhahahaha they look so good and just imagine the sweet taste!~
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these are amazing - I don't think I've ever seen anything like these back in the UK..!
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