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What is the Best Cognac or Brandy Glass Gift Set?

What is the Best Cognac or Brandy Glass Gift Set you may ask? Well, it depends on whom you want to gift it. To friend, yourself, colleges or may be to your Boss? We selected different sets which made from Bohemian Crystal glass and designer artistic foundry themed stem. Stems of our glasses and snifters represent a kindsdifferent kind of scenes such as hunting, fishing as well as themes like a Doctor, Oilman, Scorpion. So you can chose the snifter you like by profession or by hobby.

Every Cognac and Brandy glass in Bestwonderstore is a true art and an excellent gift for any occasion.
This is a designer bronze cognac glass with a realistic golden/silver scorpion design. The scorpion tale holds the crystal glass bowl, which gives an elegant and splendid touch. The scorpion has a fabulous rich design and how it crawls waiting to attack its precious prey. It is hand-made with vacuum art casting and crystal glass.

Vintage Crystal Cognac Glass Oilmen. Cognac is a noble drink for strong individuals. Professionals in oil and gas industry definitely fit into the category and will appreciate this “Oilmen” cognac snifter made of brass and Paşabahçe crystal glass. Scenes of oilmen working hard in the oilfield is a striking art cast brass work by a skilled master. Every element of this piece is carefully crafted so all cast components interact with each other forming an intricate design. Brandy, cognac or liquor will play and smell beautifully in this amazingly graceful cognac glass. The set for one or two comes in a gift leather case with rich black fabric inside.

This elegant unique cognac or brandy glass is perfect to take for a blasting night out. A Paşabahçe crystal glass balloon glass rests on the brass cast holder with delicate artwork. Grapevines, lucky horseshoe, golden coins, fish and cornucopia – symbols of wealth and prosperity – found their embodiment in this beautiful piece. The set of one or two glasses comes in a leather gift case with high-quality fabric.

Unique Cognac Glass Knights. Being art lovers, we admire the legends and philosophical ideas implemented in the creations of the masters. This unique cognac glass made of Paşabahçe crystal glass and brass is a magnificent adaptation work of the famous Victor Vasnetsov painting “Three Bogatyrs. The Epic Heroes” representing three clever strong knights defending motherland borders. Each hero has his own glorious long story filled with adventures, braveness and dignity. This glass is a perfect gift for a patriot with a brave heart. The set of one or two comes in a leather gift box with velvet fabric inside.

Designer Luxury Cognac and Brandy snifter Glass Doctor. The snake is the first and main emblem of medicine. The image of a snake coiling around a staff has been used as a medical symbol since ancient times. It can be seen both on the packaging of medicines and on medical institutions. For thousands of years, the snake symbolizes wisdom, omniscience, knowledge and immortality. That is why exactly the snake encircles this wonderful crystal glass, under it on the foot of the glass there is a female doctor in a mask. A skilled doctor is surrounded by a brass composition in medical themes, executed in the art casting and polishing technique: head frontal mirror, syringe, microscope, stethoscope and other tools. In a luxurious box made of artificial leather with velvet inside, an unusual cognac glass will be the perfect gift for a doctor.
Miracle personalized  Cognac  Brandy Snifter Glass Fisherman is made from brass by art casting under vacuum. The stem of the glass is the bottom of the river, where there are algae, snags and small fish. The stem of the glass is a huge pike that has its head pressed to the bottom, and its tail is holding a crystal glass. The crystal bowl depicts a fisherman in a boat, who throws a net into the water and waits for the catch. Packed in a wooden leather box, this glass will be a great gift for your father, brother, husband, colleague or boss, who will drink cognac from it with great pleasure.

For whisky lovers, we have got also quite unique selection of crystal whisky tumbler glasses with designer holders.
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