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Take care of my eyes. A heart touching love story.

There was a girl named Rabina. She hated and hated herself because she was blind. He had never seen the world to date. Like that she hated everyone, but except Muskan!

Muskan was Rabina's boyfriend. He loved Ravina very much. Rabina was blind but Muskan was ready to do anything for him. It was four years of relationship. Now Muskan said to Rabina, "Rabina, you know, I love you very much. Will you marry me?"

Hearing this, Rabina had tears in her eyes. She said in a suppressed voice, "But Muskan, you know I can't see anything, then…"

Muskan cut Rabina's words and said, "You know, I don't matter." What should I do if you are ready to marry me."

Rabina jokingly said, "The day I will be able to see the world with my eyes, I will marry you the same day."

A few days passed, then Muskan took Rabina to the hospital and after talking to the doctor it was revealed that she would need an eye donor to cure Rabina.

The next day, the eye donor is found for Rabina. And after the operation or Rabina saw the world for the first time, she was very happy. When Rabina saw Muskan outside the operation theater, her happiness vanished.