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This drawing was inspired by @zukus1914's post of the original photo. Told you I'd do it, @dillonk !!! I used .3mm porous point pens on paper. I am trying to improve my drawing skills, so any tips or projects you may have would be really appreciated! I can copy drawings relatively well, but I really want to improve my drawing of real life. Let me know what you think :)
@caricakes WOW! This is awesome, well done! For a beginner you are progressing very well. Don't worry about copying drawings, it is really good practice that allows you to understand techniques and allows you to get used to drawing in your own hand. I wouldn't knock this drawing because it doesn't look perfect, many many MANY illustrators have got fame through simplified drawings such as this. Thanks for sharing :)
@fallingwater my dimensions are always a little off when i try to do still life, but I'm working on it! @sjeanyoon thank you!
wow this is so pretty!!! have tou tried just copying am inanimate object? its like a picture, but it doesnt move and is good practice!
@caricakes well, practice will help that haha looking forward to seeing more :)
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