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Enjoying coffee and vingling with @MasriDaniela at this hour, (*_*)
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@MasriDaniela @cheerfulcallie That's really awesome~ I've met a lot of great people here too including both of you :) I must find this kakaotalk and see what it's all about.
@ameliasantos10 whatever girl, i be calling you all the time but you never pick up and hit the ignore button on me as if i didnt know you be doing that...mmhh, i just called you out!! LOLz!!! @Sjeanyoon no pressure sis, if you do or dont, either way i love and welcome all friendships, lolz
@cheerfulcallie ... uhhhh well you called me in the midst of my kdrama marathon!! hahaha even if it's my family calling in the middle of my kdrama marathon i don't think i will pick up the phone hahah cute korean guys > social life!
@ameliasantos10 oh yeah thats right i forgot you were in the midst of marathons, my bad, ill try to remember next time, HAHAHAAHHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ahhaha @cheerfulcallie sis! next time text me first before calling! hahahahahahahah you should know me by now lol I will gladly pick up my phone and join you guys if you let me know in advance :D