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Why WordPress is still best for Blogging

Choosing a platform for creating a website is always complicated for new bloggers. However, WordPress requires some investment to get started but it also provides the best features that you will not get anywhere else.

So, if you are still confused about which platform you should choose, then you are in the right place.

First of all, you have to decide whether you want to establish your website as a business or hobby. WordPress is best for starting your online business to make passive income but other platforms like Blogspot are not a good choice for starting your business. However, you can use BlogSpot to fulfill your hobby.

Here are the features of WordPress that makes it better than any other

The ultimate choice of themes

There are thousands of themes available for WordPress that will make your website attractive and user-friendly. You will have tons of options to choose a theme according to your blog niche.

Plugins that will amaze you

WordPress without a plugin is nothing. Plugins play one of the most important functions for any website. There are more than 57000+ plugins, so it will present you with tons of options.

Security support in WordPress

As your blog gets famous lots of online activities to crash your website will begin and that will make your website data loss. Choosing WordPress will provide you with the best security support because WordPress update brings security changes every time and makes it more secure.

Customize the way you like

WordPress is considered the best platform because of its customization features. You can customize your website according to your blog niche and make it more responsive within SERP.

There are still several features of WordPress but the aforementioned are the best features among all and this makes WordPress a better platform than any others.
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