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It has been said among travelers that you haven’t visited Morotai Island until you have stepped onto the soft white sand of Dodola Island. Located on the northern side of North Maluku province, Dodola Island is said to have one of the country's best beaches, thanks to its gorgeous white sand that stretches as far as the eye can see. When high tides arrive, a strait splits the island into Big Dodola and Small Dodola. But at low tide, visitors can happily stroll along the shoreline. Reaching Dodola Island means traveling across the Atlantic Ocean using a small boat owned by local fishermen — you can rent one in Morotai Island's nearest village. Dodola Island itself is actually quite small — the shoreline is only around 3 kilometers from east to west. Though not many facilities are currently available for tourists, you can still find several lodges, with limited access to water and electricity. The latter, however, solely depends on diesel and generators. To secure a spot, you should also confirm the lodge's availability and make a booking prior to visiting. Walking around the island, sunbathing on the pristine beach while sipping a fresh coconut, crossing clear-watered sea grass meadows with little fish swimming around your legs and taking picture-perfect photos are just some of the things you can do on Dodola Island. How to get there Make your way to Ternate in North Maluku. From Jakarta, a flight to Ternate's Babullah Airport costs from Rp 1.5 million to Rp 2.5 million. From Ternate, you can continue the journey by taking a direct flight to Morotai Island for between Rp 300,000 to Rp 600,000. If you prefer to go by land, you can rent a vehicle to take you to Tobelo, the nearest city on Morotai's mainland, which costs from Rp 200,000 to Rp 300,000. From Tobelo, rent a speedboat or local fishing boat to reach Morotai Island for between Rp 60,000 to Rp 100,000. From Daruba on Morotai Island, hop on a speedboat or small boat to take you to Dodola Island, for a cost of Rp 150,000 to Rp 200,000. Where to stay It is recommendable to stay in Daruba on Morotai Island, instead of Dodola Island, as the latter has fewer proper accommodation options. In Daruba, several hostels and hotels are available, as well as homestays at which you can stay with local people. One of the recommended hotels includes the Pacific Inn, with prices starting at Rp 250,000.
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@dillonk unfortunately it's not my picture ;)) but yes, it's very lovely, right?
@keshie Is this your photograph? It's really nice! There is something about the combination of yellow/orange and blue that is just so satisfying to the eye.
@keshie Well maybe we will both get to go someday :)
@dillonk no, sadly I haven't :(
@keshie Yes it's very beautiful. Have you been to North Maluku yourself?