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This is a case where I really enjoy both the book and the movie! The movie Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood is actually based off of two books by Rebecca Well: "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood," and "Little Altars Everywhere." It is a combinations of these two books, with some slight changes in the story, that make the hit movie that came out in 2002. The characters in both movie and book are compelling, but the movie does a clean-up job in many ways: Vivi is a much milder character. In the novel, many of her problems are much more extreme, and these explicit incidences only appear in the book. Additionally, things such as her time in a school for misbehaving girls are only mentioned in the novel, not the film. The movie also adds its own ending in Sidda's induction into the Sisterhood--this never happens in the novel version. Though there are changes, I think that the changes made an on-screen adaptation possible. The character of Vivi is very complex, and her abusive, sometimes almost perverse, behavior towards her children might not be able to be understood in the course of a 2 hour movie, no matter how well made. In Well's melodic voice and careful detail development, this character builds complexity throughout the entire novel, but the movie had to sacrifice some of that complexity to make a film that could convey the same messages without causing audiences to be too uncomfortable. The film is worth seeing; the book is worth reading. And yes, I think you need to do both! Check out the book cover, movie poster and movie trailer above .
@onesmile those who started with the books feel she was too toned down, those who start with the movie seem to thing the book is too intense! I guess its all how you are introduced to the material
@timeturnerjones hmm...perhaps I'll trybit but just skip things that are getting me too uncomfortable. I'm not super easily disturbed so I should be able to get thru it it seems. I knew vivi was dark but I didnt think id have to worry about that
@onesmile if youre uncomfortable really easily, there are parts you'll want to skip. The character builds in such a way that it is not out of character and thus acceptable (but tragic) in that world.
I've seen this movie quite a few times, but had no idea it was a book! I'm worried that the book might be a little dark for me based on your mentioning of vivi being a bit perverse....should I be cautious?