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Chrome Bookmarks Location in Windows, MAC & Linux | TechNewsEra

Are you searching for Bookmarks in your chrome browser? Do you have any difficulty in searching the bookmarks option in the chrome browser?

Then you are at the right place!
The answer is very simple bookmarks option is available in the browser itself. However, we are going to know more about the locations of the bookmarks inside Google Chrome. We are going to understand where the bookmarks are stored on chrome? You can also restore/backup/modify your bookmarks. But for that, you need to find the exact file location where Google Chrome saves the bookmarks. The file location completely depends on the OS you are using such as Windows, macOS, etc.
Come let us see how to check the file location or location of bookmarks in Chrome browser. However, Google Chrome’s bookmarks are stored in a hidden folder on Windows OS.

Follow the below steps to know more about the bookmarks location in the Windows OS:
1. Firstly, go into your Windows system drive
2. You will see the Users folder there
3. Login or sign in to your user folder with your id and passcode
4. If your PC has only one user, so you can open up the folder with the common name. But, in case you have multiple users, you have to choose according to your preference.
5. Enable the option to view the hidden files. This option of viewing hidden files is easily available there.
6. Now just follow this storage path:
7. AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Profile 1
8. Moreover, You might observe the folder as “Default” or “Profile 1/2…” depending on the number of profiles on your Google Chrome browser.
9. Finally, at the last step inside the respective folder, you will find a file “Bookmarks” listed. That’s the file you want.

Follow the below steps to know more about the bookmarks location in the Mac OS:
Searching In What Folder Are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored in your mac OS?
1. However, on a mac OS powered system, locating the bookmark folder is quite similar to the windows one.
2. Just like we enabled viewing hidden files, you have to enable the option to view hidden files on your macOS.
3. Once you do that, you just need to navigate your way to the following storage path:
4. /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default

You are here! The location you wanted to reach!