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Speaks for itself, (*_*)
Hahaha this is awesome and like it says a very simple explanation of how karma works >.<
@ameliasantos10 ahhhh, so you're one of those friends huh, i see...reminds me to never take pics with you then, lolz...the reason i have this under quotes is b/c its funny indeed but the meaning runs deeper as to how karma works so watch how you treat others, lolz
i have long arms so i can do it far away @ameliasantos10
@cityofkyle one of those self explained photo i guess.. hahaha @mrjockx do you have another specific way of doing this my friend? hahahah and @cheerfulcallie i used to do this to my friend all the time when i take photo and for some reason this was totally considered a serious thing if you do to your friend it's like oh gosh how could you do that to me in this cute photo! hahahaha sis this is hilarious!! lol reminding me of the good old times but i have a tiny question .. how does this go into the quote interest? maybe it should just be in the funny interest? haha
she did it all wrong