Consequences of Quarantine & How To Deal With Them

The wildfire-like spread of coronavirus has put everyone’s strength on the test. A large number of people had to cancel their planned trips, many businesses experienced tremendous loss, and not everyone liked the idea of social distancing, especially when they become aware that the havoc of coronavirus is not going to end anytime soon.
The havoc of coronavirus has changed the regular life of most of the people out there and has negatively affected their mental health as well. There is no doubt that eventually we will get rid of this coronavirus; however, ignoring the consequences of coronavirus on our mental health can’t be ignored.

Being a psychiatrist in Bhopal, we have come up with this blog post to help you deal with the negative effect of coronavirus on your mental health. So, without any further delay, let us get started.

Possible Consequences of Self-Isolation

For some, the idea of self-isolation and social distancing appeared to be fantastic initially. However, happiness turned into a boring schedule. Soon, people started getting faded up of watching TV, sleeping, and being at their home. On top of that, watching the havoc of coronavirus on every TV news channel created a general wave of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and stress in some people.

How to Deal With the Consequences of Self-Isolation

Anxiety, depression, panic attack, stress, and other mental health conditions can lead to dire consequences, including but not limited to quarrels among family members, a decline in productivity, sadness, addiction to harmful substances, and even suicide. So, it would be better to practice certain methods to maintain a distance from such mental health conditions. Making an appointment with a psychiatrist in Bhopal can be the most effective method to keep mental health disorders at bay. In India, people are often reluctant to seek a psychiatrist’s help and prefer to suffer instead, which nothing less than stepping feet on an ax. So, reach out to your nearest psychiatrist for help without giving a second thought.

About the Author

Dr. Sanjeet Diwan brings with him the experience of more than 5 years in the field of psychology. He is one of the most familiar psychiatrists in Bhopal who has set a new dimension when it comes to treating various mental health disorders, such as stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, sleep disorder and that’s just the beginning.
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