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Bikes of Burden by Hans Kemp
Bikes of Burden, an interesting photography series by photographer Hans Kemp, shows motorbikes in Vietnam carrying unbelievable amounts of stuff. If anyone had a chance to visit Vietnam before, they would not surprise to see photos like these. But for the Internet users around the globe, those images would truly amuse for them. Those scene you can see around South East Asia, where personal cars are rarity and the street is often crowded.
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Woah! is thr third one fish? like goldfish and pet fish for sale?! I've definitely never seen a motorbike selling fish
3 years ago·Reply
정말 색다르네요^^
3 years ago·Reply
@meehee0207 the second one is really bad, isnt it :(
3 years ago·Reply
@onesmile now it is getting less bike selling fish like this. However, back in my days, there were plenty of them.
3 years ago·Reply
@Tapsamai that's so interesting! Why are these less now?
3 years ago·Reply