How is red caviar forged?

The most harmless way is to mix types of red caviar of different price categories, for example, pink salmon and coho salmon and present the “mix” as a pure product of the second, more expensive fish. Of course, without frank confessions to the packaging. In this case, there is no health risk, only the wallet.Another danger is to buy real but expired caviar and not notice the latter. A former trader in a weighed-out delicacy told how dishonest sellers reanimate a product. Only three components are used for deception: manganese solution - for disinfection, ascorbic acid to remove the bitter odor and taste, vegetable oil - for shine and return of the marketable appearance.

Fake VS real red caviar
Artificial caviar is dense, but real caviar easily bursts when pressed with fingers.The sharp smell of herring is an alarm bell not in favor of the product.Artificial caviar is homogeneous, without "eyes" in the center.The fake sticks to the teeth.Place the caviar in hot water to test. Natural will sink to the bottom and become cloudy due to the coagulability of the protein, while the fake will dissolve and color the water.

Substandard VS good red caviar
If the grains are suppressed, and there is a lot of caviar juice at the bottom of the jar, the caviar has been frozen and thawed more than once, and its taste characteristics have suffered.Quality caviar is crumbly, which is easy to check. If she serves a sticky lump from the spoon, you should look for another treat for the worker.Are the eggs hard? This means that the caviar is overripe and will no longer melt in your mouth.Spoiled red caviar has a dark color and an unpleasant odor.