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i dont drink offten so it wont twke much for me
Had a friend who got to "I love everyone" but when she walked outside, she transformed into "hospital" lol
lol. @onesmile and @goyo i dont normally drink, cus its funny warching how people act once the booze takes over. if drink its mixed drinks lol i hate beer.
@onesmile @mrjockx what about "drunk-o-meter"? as a title? hahahaah and i agree with you guys that sometimes sitting back and looking at drunk people is fun too as long as they don't suddenly disappear into the crowd and @dillonk if i had to take a shot of tequilla i make sure i have lemon in one hand and salt of my hand with the lemon hahah everything has to be set before i take it in
@mrjockX Tequilla starts and ends with me getting sick. I seriously can't even take a sip of the stuff without gagging. Bourbon on the other hand, give me a glass on the rocks and I'm set!
@mrjockx its definitely amusing (as long as theyre not too crazy) to watch people transition over, haha! I'll have to use this scale next time.
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