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i dont drink offten so it wont twke much for me
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@dillonk to be honest i usually avoid it too haahah all my friends usually laugh at me because i look like i am preparing for war... it's like okay before i do this.. do i have everything in front of me?? hahhaha and it's even more entertaining when there's more than one type of drunk in a room lol the interaction between all of them is probably the only thing i look to when i hang out with my friends
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@ameliasantos10 I was drunk watching the other night and my friends asked why I was being quiet and starring. I was just enjoying watching other people! Some people just don't get it :|
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now this is funny, hahahahhah!!!
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i agree with everyone, you need a caption for this!!!!
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@cheerfulcallie okaay okaaay
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