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heya folks i gotta side with @christy and @ameliasantos10 ... as I am totally enjoying this series ... n @pixiececi and @tyat468 ... you two are right as it downright borders on ridiculous ... but we do need our frivolous guilty pleasure and this drama is delivering it in spades ... so please stick around ... there's always a bend in the road ... :D xx
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@pixiececi because it seems like a borderline ridiculous drama that was probably why i was kind of questionable at first but like @divalycious said we do need our guilty pleasure haha but ofcourse it's your opinion so I can't really say much ^^ I guess i would just say you could watch it when you really have nothing to do? haha i mean it's a pretty entertaining drama :)
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always I say a word Internet and remote control are most democratic regime in this world so u have all freedom to watch what do u want or dismissed what u want. what do u think @divalycious @ameliasantos10
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@christy yes i must agree i mean the internet is where one could say anything they want and we should respect others choices!~ but it's also a place where people with common interest could gather and share their opinions or recommendations for others :) if i came out as disrespecting anyone's opinion then i must apologise :)
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@ameliasantos10 no no sorry if I explain myself wrong I just want to say to who don't like this drama okay it's easy don't watch and I promise will not recommend this drama to u @pixiececi
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