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"Akhasmak Ah" was the single that shot Nancy Ajram to international stardom in the Arab world when it was released in 2003. The song reminds the listener of classic Arabic music with hits of French influence in the riffs, specifically with the accordion. The music video for "Akhasmak Ah" which means "I will upset you, yes" in Arabic, caused a lot of controversy when it was released because Nancy was seen playing the role of a sultry cafe owner who seduced her male customers for money. It is reminiscent of old Arabic films, and the controversy around her image eventually died down. What makes this performance even more special is the fact that it is on DWTS Lebanon. Who would've known that the popular celebrity dance competition was such a hit abroad! Nancy really proves that her voice is still what it used to be when she was a teenager here. Hope you enjoy!
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Kyle, I am slowly falling in love with Nancy Ajram. She's so cute! Her music is great to. I sense a major girl crush forming. It's also so interesting to see how American television shows are adopted for different countries! Even the stage and setup of the production looks just like the original American version!