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Great Expectations - Love her, Love her, Love her!
One of the greatest pieces of love advice in the whole book.
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One of the best pieces of love advice? Sure, it's memorable. But there are so many ways that people can learn the wrong message if they don't understand this. In Great Expectations love is a curse on those it affects, only one couple remains happily in the end. So should we follow their paths? I'm unconvinced.
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@greggr though love is a curse in many ways in the novel, pip and estella, too, never part in the end. So can't this quote be seen as useful?
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@amog32 But maybe they should have parted, like Dickens originally intended. Maybe this quote should have been looked back on as a sad way to try to love someone-too ferociously for survival
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@greggr but they didn't part in the end--Dickens changed his mind, so I think this quote still fosters something about what committing to something truly passionately can accomplish
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@amog32 You're right, it does account for passionate commitment in some ways, but I think we must see the good and the bad of that sort of passionate devotion.
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