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My roommate has begun collecting passport-sized photos of people he encounters in his life and posting them up on his bedroom wall in our apartment. He's slowly been collecting these pictures throughout the year, and after I voluntarily gave him a picture of myself, he decided that he would make a life-long photo project out of it! He's an art major and really doesn't deal with photography very much. But he certainly has an eye for aesthetics and art in general (which of course includes photography). He still isn't sure exactly what will come of this project or how he will present the photos, but he is still excited! It will be interesting to see how big his project becomes and what it will look like toward them end of his life. @dillonk what do you think of his photo project?
i hope to give my.passport pic to him collect me!!!!
@cityofkyle Interesting. I've seen many many many artists use found photographs to create a body of work even if they aren't photographers themselves. Heck, I saw one recently where a guy just went through old family photo albums to create his. Found objects have been a part of the modern art world for sometime and they have the ability to make a loud statement. I really like the idea of using passport photos as a body of work. The words of advice I could give to your friend, this project will benefit from 3 things. First, scale. He needs LOTS and LOTS of passport photos. Second, a killer title. Third, an artist statement about the work that really hits it home. He needs to be able to say some great things that make the work stronger than just passport photos. Otherwise the work isn't doing enough. Thanks for sharing this!
@imliz It's a first person perspective of an American drug dealer in Tokyo after he has been shot by police. As @nokcha said, it is very psychedelic
@cityofkyle this is creepy, but also pretty cool! It'd be interested for him to also use people he doesn't know well as kind of a mirror of the people he does! I'll mail him a photo if he needs more hahaha
@cityofkyle @imliz If your friend is an art major he'd love Amelie too. The use of color is amazing.
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