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It was blooming in the flower bed so I snapped a pic earlier today with my iphone, (*_*)
@cheerfulcallie I'm not knocking the iPhone camera, it takes some quality pictures! I like the filter a lot, did you use apple's filters or an application? @onesmile No doubt phones are beating older digital camera, and for that I'm really excited!
@dillonk @cheerfulcallie yeah, it won't reach DSLR level anytime soon but it has definitelt surpassed the level of basic digital cameras from 5 years ago, in my opinion!
@onesmile all of my pics ive shared on vingle has been from my iphone and i agree camera phones has improved a lot, however like what @dillonk said, they wont be able to achieve the quality of a digital camera indeed....AND...yes, i did use a filter on my iphone when i took this pic, hoping to enhance the color but i think it captured the over exposure of the lighting instead...heyyy, i tried, lolz
@onesmile i dont own a camera, now and days i take everything with my iphone and im definitely not professional but thanks, lolz
This is a really pretty flower! It's awesome that phone cameras are able to capture images as well basic digital cameras
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