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Thank you @cityofkyle for recommending this video to me to add to my Latin & Arabic fusion collection! Oriental Music meets Flamenco Music in this special Coke Studio Middle East featuring Nancy Ajram, an Arabic pop music icon and Jose Galves, who comes from a pure Gypsy Spanish tradition. The song is an upbeat blend of Arabic and Spanish that will get anyone dancing! Nancy Ajram is also a very lovely artist, thank you @cityofkyle for introducing her to me! Coke Studio بالعربي ("'Coke Studio Bel 3arabi"') is a music television series in the Middle East and North Africa featuring performances by various Arabic and international music artists. The Coke Studio concept come from Coke Studio Pakistan, which was then taken forward to Coke Studio India. It is a program that brings together established Arab and international artists to collaborate and record an original fusion song meshing two or more unique genres of music.
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@esraozcelik376 you can play? Play what? =)
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@masridaniela isn't it amazing! Coke Studio has put together some very impressive fusion songs with artists from around the world. I will definitely be posting more =)
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Sorry my english is not very good. :D I wanted to tell you I'm gonna dance of meaning.@gabyrich
4 years ago·Reply
@esraozcelik376 no worries! Your English is great! I just wasn't sure what you meant =)
4 years ago·Reply
thank you very much for understanding.@gabyrich
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