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Understanding the Common Misconceptions of Staffing Agencies

Several myths regarding the recruitment process performed by the staffing agencies exist. It is very important to understand how these myths came into existence in the first place?. It may have happened when candidates who enrolled themselves at various staffing agencies failed to understand the recruitment process.
This inability in acknowledging the process not only creates a lot of misconceptions but also deceives the other candidates from applying to staffing agencies. Sometimes, due to these misconceptions, candidates, as well as companies, refrain from seeking help from the staffing agencies. The purpose of this article is to make you aware of these common misconceptions.

Top 5 Most Common Misconceptions of Staffing Agencies

1) Big Companies do not Prefer Using Staffing Agencies

Big companies are big because they invest a lot of time in appointing the right candidate suitable for their firm. This process of finely selecting the best candidates for the company increases the productivity and efficiency in the company’s performance. Almost all big companies hire employment agencies for useful recruitment. After all, whether a company is big or small, it requires assistance from staffing agencies in order to streamline the entire process.

2) Misleading Information About Staffing Agencies

With so many misleading notions about staffing agencies outsourcing like manpower services, candidates assume that finding a job there can be faster and easier. Staffing agencies always choose their candidates based on their current skill sets. While there is the common misconception of prioritizing one candidate over another.

Staffing agencies are there to understand the needs of the candidates and try their best to provide the most suitable jobs. Reputable staffing agencies can make the entire process seamless. Manpower Services Edmonton is one of the finest staffing agencies in the corporate sector.

3) Staffing Agencies Demand Money from Jobseekers

This is a very common myth entertained by both companies and candidates. It is assumed that to get jobs; staffing agencies charge their candidates. This conception is partially false; staffing Agencies are supposed to make money from the number of suitable candidates they successfully place. After all, the purpose of staffing agencies is to provide assistance to the company to get the most suitable candidates.

Moreover, standard companies like Staffing Agency Canada are never going to charge their candidates. Hence, the idea of staffing agencies demanding money from the candidates to seek jobs is one of the greatest misconceptions.

4) Staffing Agencies Offer Temporary Jobs

Staffing agencies provide both temporary and permanent jobs depending on the candidate’s preferences. This is the reason why good staffing agencies always dedicate a lot of time to know their applicants to figure out their needs. Many companies often have openings for seasonal employees, depending on the amount of work. Staffing agencies cater to the needs of both companies and candidates.

5) Staffing Agencies Provide Jobs with Low Packages

Many think that getting a job through an agency does not turn out to be fruitful and results in a lower salary. But staffing agencies pay equal attention to lower and higher levels of work positions and salary packages. Therefore, they try to crack the best deal for their applicant depending on their qualifications. 

Concluding Words

Manpower employment agencies are highly beneficial for companies both big or small. It is very important to create awareness towards standard staffing agencies that can serve the needs of both companies and candidates.