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Aerial photography use to be a very expensive affair but thanks to quadcopters, you can get into the action at the cost of less than a top end DSLR from Nikon. So are you willing to take your photography to the next level?
@dillonk yup, the Hexas are more stable. The quad are mostly for home use.
@dillonk I wish I had his money! Then I would be testing cameras for the rest of my life. Yea, the GoPro isn't made for low light. As an action camera, that's what it does best.
@dillonk Thanks for the link, looked his work up and apparently he's quite an environmentalist. I don't have that sort of money to hire a chopper to do a shoot so a GoPro Hero with a Phamtom Vision Plus will do it for me. Such a set up will cost you over US$1500 which is still way below what you would pay for a high end DSLR body from Nikon. I reckon the Bebop will be a hit with the mobile crowd.
@Benard You're being pretty literal by saying "take your photography to the next level" hahaha. Have you heard of the photographer Edward Burtynsky? He spends thousands and thousands of dollars to get arial photographs, but the outcome is just stunning. Here is a recent body of work called "Water" that really takes advantage of aerial photography:
@Benard No, I have not had the opportunity to fly a quad copter, although I have seen people fly them before. That's awesome you have been practicing with one. What is the benefit of a hexacopter over a quad copter? More stability?
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