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Aerial photography use to be a very expensive affair but thanks to quadcopters, you can get into the action at the cost of less than a top end DSLR from Nikon. So are you willing to take your photography to the next level?
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@dillonk I wish I had his money! Then I would be testing cameras for the rest of my life. Yea, the GoPro isn't made for low light. As an action camera, that's what it does best.
@Benard I wish I had Burtynsky's money too. The thing is, I think he might just take out loans and get grants to fund his projects and then sells them for a lot of money. Spending money to make money I guess! In regards to the GoPro, I totally agree, the GoPro is excellent for what it is made for! I never meant to diminish it's value in anyway :)
@dillionk, have you tried flying a quad copter? Been out learning to steer one. The DJI Phantom 1. Apparently not easy....but it serves my purpose when it comes to photography in the future. The GoPro is a must since it allows for FPV but range is limited. I hope to fly a hexacopter one day :-)
@Benard No, I have not had the opportunity to fly a quad copter, although I have seen people fly them before. That's awesome you have been practicing with one. What is the benefit of a hexacopter over a quad copter? More stability?
@dillonk yup, the Hexas are more stable. The quad are mostly for home use.