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Yes, you can now print your own camera with a 3D printer and this should inspire others to follow suit.
@Benard Mmmmmm, 3D pizza. But seriously, could something be 3D printed and edible? That would be really cool!
@dillonk, Oh well anything that is plastic isn't going to last. The type of plastic filament used in 3D printers are really made for prototyping and not for a finished product. So you probably have to print a new camera each time you break one.
@Benard That is awesome! I wonder how it tastes?
@dillonK I just want to print my own pizza....I don't think I will have the patience to design a 3D model for printing....or take the trouble to scan one. That much time spent behind the computer is going to drive me nuts. There are new filaments being offered, more robust ones but it don't matter really coz they won't last once exposed to heat.
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