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We all want the know the truth, but the truth isn't always simple, or comforting. And so, like Albus recommends, we should approach it carefully and never expect it to be perfect.
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@cityofkyle i agree with you.. we are always demanding for the truth to be told but then sometimes we are not able to accept the truth and then all the expectation is ruined and we ended up hurting ourselves @timeturnerjones yes,, i guess the best we could do is to just be cautious about when we demand for the truth.
@timeturnerjones I guess it really depends on what we define as "truth". I think we can certainly distinguish factual truth from other things, like for example if I poured my coffee on the person sitting next to me at Starbucks right now. It is true that I poured my coffee on this person, and others can testify to that fact and it could have been recorded by cameras. What my intentions were, WHY I did it comes from within me, and the true answer to that question is incredibly difficult to answer.
@timeturnerjones I hope that makes sense! lol
@timeturnerjones you're getting philosophical on me, lol. it does make sense, but for me the truth is the deeper aspects you mentioned--the harder parts to get at. but what fun would life be if the truth was always easy?
@cityofkyle very very interesting! @timeturnerjones I'm with you on this one, very philosophical and subjective