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Dumbledore Quotes: Remember to Turn on the Lights
Even when things seem impossible, we have to remember that it is in our power to change those difficulties.
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this has always been a quote I remember most from dumbledore, it seems so many characters needed this advice but were took a long time to learn how to turn on the lights
@Happyrock true. I believe this quote is only in the 3rd movie, too, not the book. which makes the fact that it applies to the whole series so well even more true, since the screenplay was written after the books, and the screenwriter knew of the troubles and triumphs to come.
@amog32 It's only in the movie,really? I remember it so well I really thought it was also from the book, huh. Still, that makes sense then. As you said the whole series had been played out by this time, and the quote is more applicable to everything because of it.
@happyrock Yeah, just the movie. It's interesting how quotes from the movies blend in our minds with the quotes from the books at times. I guess the two have become synonymous in many ways
@amog32 its true. I cant keep the difference in events seperate in a lot of ways hah. but since I like both it doesnt matter