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Recently I started watching Game of Thrones, and I just came across this article about some Game of Thrones inspired cocktails. I might try a few of these out; maybe I'll invite some friends over for a marathon. My top three cocktails off the list, in no particular order: 1. The Dragon Lady - Made with mango juice, lime juice, triple sec, cubed dragon fruit, a dash of cayenne, and vodka. 2. The Tyrion Lannister Shot: A mix of pear vodka, elderflower liqueur, simple syrup, lemon juice, mint leaves. 3. Cersei's Sangria: Sauvignon blanc, cherries, lime, raspberries, tripe sec. And there you have it! These three drinks incorporate some of the characters' most memorable aspects; I think I'll try Cersei's Sangria first!
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@timeturnerjones honestly I started watching because of its popularity lol but I really liked the plot so I kept going. How about you?
Sign me up for the Sangria!!
@caricakes noted! Thanks for clipping. I'll have to expand my party to a weekly event, it seems, thanks to your collection.
@amog32 i have to agree with you dragon lady sounds like such a great cocktail to put out at the house gathering and the addition of sliced dragon fruit sounds great for the summer weather :)
I, for one, have not even had a moment to watch GOT. So I am a bit in the dark about the plot and characters. I will say that this drink list sounds like it belongs in my Liquid Meal Collection. So let me clip clip clip...@amog32