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@mcgraffy got me thinking about whale watching gone wrong experiences; you'll be happy to know that I couldn't find any info about whales flipping boats, but I did find this video. In the video, a whale is very close to a small boat, just swimming around, and when it finally dives back into the water, its tail fin flips up and hits a girl in the head. Seriously! I couldn't help but laugh--it seems like she was fine, and the slow motion just....well its so funny! Hope you enjoy :)
@onesmile i don't think anybody could resist telling a story about how your friend got hit on the head by the whale! haahahaha @cityofkyle this definitely is once in a life time experience! have you gone whale watching before?? i heard that if you are able to see them on the day then it's one of the most unforgettable moment..!!
@onesmile i mean i would be embarrassed to tell the story too hahha if it happen to me but for other people i guess you can call me optimistic hahahahahah and i am also hoping i won't have to face the decision whether i should tell anyone the story of how i got hit in the head lol
@ameliasantos10 you're so optimistic!!! I'm pretty sure I'd be somehow embarassed to tell this story. @mcgraffy @timeturnerjones I hope in an ocean as large as it is we can avoid this!
Aaahhh that must have been a once in a lifetime experience, not just to be wale watching but to have gotten THAT close to a whale. Of course, I say this because it doesn't look like anyone got hurt!
@ameliasantos10 just hope you don't have any friends with you lol....because you know they will tell the story even if you don't! I know I would tell it if it wasnt about me
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