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Justin Bieber Fans Wage War on Gaga's Twitter!!
Apparently unhappy that Gaga has over 2 million more followers than Bieber, one Bieber fan wrote: "To all beliebers this is operation unfollow Lady Gaga. I'm sorry if your a 'little monster' but don't ou want Justin to be #1 followed on Twitter? Well here is the plan we all know that all beliebers with twitter follow Justin and we don't have to ceate a million accounts with this plan. First, it's simple to lok up Lady Gaga on Twitter. Next unfollow her. Simple! I'm not trying to trash Gaga or anything I am a fsan of her music but I think Justin should be #1 followed on Twitter! That's all but believers please spread the word for me okay? Thank you all that helped!"
wow. wonder who will win.
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Sounds interesting!
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