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Jack Hyer knew he wanted to marry Rebecca Strellnauer after their first date, September 30, 2010. He even put an entry in his travel journal saying "I'm going to marry this girl eventually.” He spent for 4 years planning and creating a proposal video with him lip-sying “I’m Gonna Be” by The Proclaimers, in 26 different countries. (How sweet!!!) Jack revealed this video he made on the night of their college graduation and proposed to her with this line "I've been on many adventures. I've traveled on elephant, on camelback, hiked to the lowest point on the earth and I've gotten to see some of the highest," he said right before pulling out the ring. "But the best adventure I've had is loving Becca.”
This is SO sweet! I can't believe he knew he would marry her after their first date! Definitely just raised the bar for me when I pop the question!
@peteryang292 heheh I think it is raising the bar higher for everyone ~
wow what a video! That is so sweet~