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Reflecting its ethnic diversity, this archipelagic nation boasts thousands of traditional recipes that utilize abundant local ingredients. These cities, listed below and selected by The Jakarta Post Travel, are home to some of the best places to catch the most heavenly-delicious fresh seafood around. Makassar, South Sulawesi Makassar is well known for its cuisine, with many venturing to the city especially to fill their bellies. After watching the sunset at Losari Beach, go to what is probably Losari Beach’s most famous seafood restaurant Rumah Makan Nelayan for dinner. Nelayan is well known for its tasty, spicy sambal (chili condiment). Its signature dish is Krapu Goreng Rica (deep-fried grouper with green chili sauce). All seafood is freshly caught and on display. If you feel adventurous, you might want to try the Palumara (red snapper head clear soup seasoned with tamarind, tomatoes and candlenut). Ulu Juku Restaurant on Jl. Racing Center serves delicious Palumara as well as Gulai Kepala Kakap (snapper head curry). Another local taste you don't want to miss is ikan bakar gagrak Makassar (grilled fish with salt and lime, served with various kinds of chili sauce). Another great place to have seafood is Paotere Harbor, which is also where you can see the Phinisi, Bugis sailing ships. Head up to the fish market and stop by at Paotere Restaurant to try its ikan bolu bakar (grilled milkfish seasoned with lime juice, candlenut, garlic and red onions). Manado, North Sulawesi Other than its variety of iconic spicy chili sauces, Manado, which lies on the northern tip of Sulawesi, is also a great place to explore. Wahaha Seafood Restaurant, in the Mega Mall area at the Mega Mas Beach compound, is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Since locals here are known to love spicy food, the seafood at Wahaha is definitely not for the faint hearted. But those looking for a taste-bud adventure should try the Woku Blanga: red snapper cooked with red ginger, candlenut, lime leaves, turmeric and chili. Kalasey Beach on the southern side of the city is also a good option; popular venues include Ria Rio Seafood Restaurant and City Extra Restaurant. But again, be prepared for the spicy sauces. One more local dish you have to try is Cakalang Fufu (cured and smoked skipjack tuna fish clipped to a bamboo frame). This has a shelf life of around a month and is a popular souvenir. Cakalang Fufu can be warmed up or deep fried and is perfect with fluffy white rice and dabu-dabu chili sauce. Cakalang Fufu costs around Rp 100,000 (US$8.70). Bali As the country's most prominent tourist hub, it comes as no surprise that Bali is a food heaven. Jimbaran Beach, which is only around 10 to 15 minutes from the airport, has more than 50 restaurants along the strip and offers anything from intimate candle-lit dining on the beach to a sunset party atmosphere. One of the most popular restaurants in Jimbaran is the Menega Cafe. It offers set menus for two or a la carte. Just don't forget to try its BBQ clams and grilled lobster. If you think that the seafood at Jimbaran area is too pricey Serangan Island is a bit more wallet friendly. Although famed for its turtle conservation, Serangan also has plenty of seafood stalls stretching along its beach on the way to Sakenan Temple. The majority sells grilled fish and crab soup. You can also find small stalls selling snacks made from seaweed and fish skin. Denpasar is a great option too if you really don't want to stray too far. Warung Mak Beng and Warung Be Pasih in the capital remain the go-to spots for tourists and locals. Warung Mak Beng in Sanur is legendary for its fish soup, but you can order stewed or fried fish as well with the aromatic spicy sauce condiment. Batam This small island south of Singapore is also a great seafood destination. In Batam, seafood restaurants are usually referred as Kelong. The oldest seafood restaurant on the island is the Golden Prawn Restaurant and Seafood. It is around 30 minutes away from Batam Center Ferry Terminal in Bengkong Laut, right on the seafront. A lot of bus tours stop to eat here, so arrive before lunch or dinner time. All the seafood is fresh from the sea and the gonggong (edible sea snail) is a must try. Gonggong are usually steamed and eaten dripped in nut chili sauce condiment. The Harbor Bay Batam, where the International Ferry Terminal is located, has plenty of Kelongs along the beach with seafront tables and a spectacular view of Tanjung Uma. Snappers, groupers, cuttlefish, lobsters and crabs are available to be cooked according to your liking with prices that won't dent your budget. If you happen to pass by Barelang Bridge in Batam, Barelang Seafood Restaurant offers a scenic vista of the bridge, which connects Batam, Rempang and Galang Islands.