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Mehmet Erdem - Acıyı Sevmek Olur mu?
@peteryang292 I would recommend listening.. =)
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@esraozcelik376 it says the video is not available in my country--I'm guessing @peteryang292 won't be able to see it either =( would you mind editing the card with an updated link?
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@esraozcelik376 is this the song? --> Sounds great! Why don't you try using this link on the card =)
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I hope the problem has been solved.:( @gabyrich thanx @peteryang292. ^^
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Ooops doesn't look like it. @esraozcelik376 did you try the link I included in my comment? It's too bad that some videos on YouTube are only available in certain countries, especially the music ones!
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