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Motives Cosmetics - Smokey Brown with Gold Eye Make-up Tutorial
Smokey brown with gold tutorial by Ely Marino using ALL Motives! Get the look: 1. Start by applying "Native" (Motives Mavens Element Palette) on the crease. http://bitly.com/1fsL7Bq 2. Take Motives eyeshadow in "Vino" and apply in both the inner and outer corner of the eyes, blending lightly to meet "Native." http://bitly.com/14Unw1z 3. Pat Motives paint pot eyeshadow in "ELLE" on the center of the lid. http://bitly.com/HpaxjG 4. Line the waterline with Motives gel eyeliner in "Little Black Dress" and smudge out with "Vino" while taking "ELLE" and pat just to the center of the lower lash line. 5. Add a winged liner with Motives gel eyeliner in "Little Black Dress." http://bitly.com/1ik5VXY
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@cheerfulcallie korea is getting wayyy too hot for riding boots > < hahah and i could hardly wear shorts and tshirt without complaining these days so i am not sure about the dolling up idea
@cheerfulcallie you are ignoring my point! hahahaha i am saying it's too hot lol these days wearing anything more than BB cream on your face is like basically asking for it to be melt off! the weather in Seoul is getting so hot that if i come out for 5 min some of my makeup is already melting!! T_T
@ameilasantos10 BABY GIRL!!! you are ignoring my point too!! regardless i think you'll be smoking HOT rather your make up is melting or whatnot!! GOT DAMN YOU!!! hhahhahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!
@cheerfulcallie hahahah you know what actually i look like a celebrity in the summer ... a very famous individual hahahaahhah maybe you are right i would look awesome lol do you know who i look like in the midst of summer?? i look like the one and only koker HAHAHAHAHA with my bb cream and powder melting and my red lips ;)