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Amazing! Take a look at this incredible eyeliner pictorial by @nubiabrown using Motives Gel Eyeliner in Little Black Dress:
@cheerfulcallie aww you changed your profile picture for me?? > <; i think if you make the wing and the eyeliner a lot heavier i am sure it will show! sometimes we feel like we put too much but it actually turns out great we just might not know it! hahahaha and you should totally check out the gel liner!
@ameliasantos10 oh really, i didnt know that abt gel liners, thanks for the tip. i dont have monolids but i have that hooded eye therefore when i do my wings you cant see it, i changed my dp, to show you what i mean but thats the best pic i could find to show the shape of my see what i mean, sorry pic is not wonderful, lolz
@cheerfulcallie sorry dear for replying so late! well eyeliner could also be part of the basic! and well you can simply put a little bit just so it doesn’t look too much! @relinashinee i know! hahaha it probably stands out more the curve is like perfect!
Them eyebrows doe >_< hahahahaha
@lillyann hard to believe but no ive never tried gel. i dont really wear make up unless i have too!? if i do wear make up, i keep it simple....bare mineral powder, mascara and lip gloss...but if im going out then i do doll up and i do my best to do my eye make up, lolz
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